Buster Posey serves as Leesburg Christmas Parade Grand Marshall

Buster Posey, alongside his wife, waved at fans at the Christmas Parade

San Francisco Giants Catcher, World Series Winner, Rookie of the Year.

Buster Posey can add one more title to his name: Grand Marshall. The Giants catcher was a special guest at the Leesburg Christmas Parade.

Christmas red and green seemed to be overshadowed by San Francisco Giants orange and black. Posey fans lined the streets an hour before the parade began, waiting to catch a glimpse of their hometown hero.

"I had no interest in the Giants whatsoever until May 29th," says Posey fan Tim Fowler.

That's when Posey â" who played baseball during school in Leesburg â" was recruited to the major leagues. He went on to play for the Giants in the World Series.

"I think everybody here had hours of joy and entertainment watching him and it made it even more special being the local guy," says Fowler.

The Rookie of the Year served as Grand Marshall at Saturday's Christmas Parade, and the city had a special surprise for him.

"We proclaim today, December 4th, as Buster Posey Day simply because not only was he Rookie of the Year but he also helped the San Francisco Giants win the World Series," says Lee County Chairman Ed Duffy.

The Rookie of the Year also took time after he received his proclamation to say a few words to his fans.

"I could feel you all pulling for me even though I was across the country. We could feel that Leesburg fan support. I see a lot of Giants jerseys. It looks good!" says Posey.

Posey also received a second key to the city to go along with one he already has. He says his second key must be for the back door.

Despite his credentials, Posey took a brief moment to sign autographs and give high fives.

"He's just such a true gentleman and a humble individual. That's just what makes him so lovable and I think people, even after a short time being around him, realize that that is truly how he is," says Event Coordinator Lisa Davis.