Businesses slower during summer vacation months

Verge Co-owner Jessica Blair says business has slowed slightly while locals are away on vacation

During summer, foot traffic picks up at the beaches but slows down for local businesses. Some Albany businesses say they have seen a decline in business in July.

Downtown Albany consignment shop Verge says during July the store has been doing well but not great as it has in past months.

"We have noticed a slight decline in our foot traffic I think mostly due to the fact that a lot of people are out of town enjoying the last bit of freedom before school starts," says Co-owner Jessica Blair.

The Flint RiverQuarium says they have been running promotions during July to combat vacation season.

"That's one way that we just try to bring attention to the RiverQuarium. Right now we're offering specials to our members; we have discounts on memberships through July and you get discounts at the downtown merchants," says Vicki Churchman with Member and Volunteer Services at the RiverQuarium.

While Verge says business is beginning to pick back up with help of back to school shoppers, the RiverQuarium says August is slower for them because kids are going back to school. The RiverQuarium says they are planning August promotions to help with slower traffic as they have done in July.