Businesses beef up security after burglaries

Central Monitoring on Pine Ave.

Business owners said they are tired of being burglarized. Southway Crane has been hit by robbers several times over the past three years.

"It's getting out of hand," said Southway Crane Owner James Simons.

The thief got away with very little cash but he left a hefty bill for the owner. James Simons is now taking security measures so that the robberies won't happen again.

Although Southway Crane was already equipped with alarms, motion detectors and a video system, the owner is adding more protection.

"We gone put metal in the walls so that no one will be able to come through those walls again," said James Simons.

Amanda Matthews, Central Monitoring spokesperson, said people should take as much precaution as possible. She said adequate glass break and motion detectors can be used so that no matter where crooks enter, they can be caught by censors. Video is also a good safety measure.

"Once you get them on video, it's easier for the police department to identify them," said Central Monitoring Spokesperson Amanda Matthews.

Another way to protect a business is by checking the outside structure. If the company has metal siding attached with screws that can easily be removed, try using a lock bolt.

Lock bolts are a type of screw that can't be removed, unless drilled out. This drilling process can take time and slow down a criminal.

Albany Police are still investigating the burglaries that happened over the weekend. They have no suspects are the time.

Southway Crane and the Darsey Oil Company are offering a reward for an arrest of the suspect.