Businesses and residents support "Back the Blue" campaign

Support for the "Back the Blue" campaign is growing just weeks after it began. / Tosin Fakile

Support for the "Back the Blue" campaign is growing just weeks after it began.

The project, which started three weeks ago, has sold over 140 blue ribbons and over 100 yard signs. It also has over 1000 likes on Facebook.

"Something to let the officers know when they come by, gives them something to look at and smile, feels good to be thought of," said Tom Gieryic, owner of Gieryic's Automotive Repair and Organizer of Back The Blue Campaign.

It was started by Gieryic, who was upset after the killing of a Texas deputy while at the gas station. He said his goal is to see businesses and homes show visible signs of support for law enforcement.

"Getting everybody in this community and not really just this community because I want it to spread out but you got to start at home when you got an initiative like this going just like to see anybody that really deep down inside supports law enforcement show their support," said Gieryic.

"Our end goals is to see a lot more of the businesses in Dougherty County, Lee County, the surrounding counties and home owners display these signs, ribbons and put the stripes up," Gieryic added.

Gieryic said residents can purchase the signs at his shop and encourages residents to go on the Facebook page and like the page to show support also.

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