Business robberies down nearly 50% since last year

As the holidays near, the amount of burglaries and robberies go up, and Albany police already have their hands full.

Last week, the Little Caesars on Slappey Boulevard was robbed at gunpoint and shortly after the subway on East Oakridge Drive was targeted as well, however a concerned citizen saw a suspicious person outside and called the store.

Employees then locked the door so the potential robber couldn't get in, and police say this shows you should always call when you see something.

"The more the merrier. It doesn't hurt to be the 10th or 20th person to have made the same call. At least we know that something is going on versus just having one phone call," said Corporal Brian Covington with the Albany Police Department.

Though robberies usually increase during the holidays, police say the total number of business robberies so far this year is down 47% compared to 2012, from 47 to 26.