Business rebuilds one week after tornado

It's now been one week since an EF-0 tornado hit some areas of Tifton.

/ Cody Long

It's now been one week since an EF-0 tornado hit some areas of Tifton.

Craig Tibbetts, branch manager at Yancey Truck Center, walked FOX 31 through what happened last week.

"There were trees down," Tibbetts said. "A lot of doors to the warehouse were down."

Tibbetts says it was a calm Friday morning then around 8:30 a.m., everything changed.

"Doors in the front of the building started flying in and out, in and out. and about a minute later, the ceiling started falling," Tibbetts said.

One week later, the doors are back on although many of them are wrinkled up, a fence on the side of the property is mangled, and trees are without tops.

"We're continuing to monitor what was going on," Tift County EMA Director Jason Jones said. "The electrical crews with Georgia Power and Colquitt EMC were out working that Friday afternoon getting power restored."

Jones said crews responded quickly and now many businesses are just cleaning up.

"Some people cleaned it up themselves and others brought in some tree removal companies and were able to get the debris cleared," Jones said.

Tibbetts says his entire wash area made mostly of brick was found later yards away. The roof of one truck was completely torn off.

"Everybody knows where to go when there's trouble," Tibbetts said. " Everybody tried to get there. There were a couple stranded in the shop. Luckily they weren't hurt," he said.

Tibbetts says the company is only able to do half the work they would normally do. He was waiting on the insurance company Friday afternoon to learn just how much the damage will be.

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