Business owner unhappy with alcohol license fee

Photo Credit: Courtney Highfield

The Albany City Commission met Tuesday morning to hold a regular work session.

The board first heard from Jim Ervin, a local business owner, who is concerned about alcohol license fees. Ervin said the annual fee for the license was increased by 32% and he feels that decision should be reassessed. Commissioners responded by saying unfortunately costs are going up for them as well and sometimes raising costs is unavoidable.

One commissioner asked if Ervin would be able to raise the cost of each drink by a nickel and if that would help ease the costs. Ervin said he can't just raise the prices on his menu every time they're hit with something like this, he says that would cause him to lose business. City Manager James Taylor said the last time they raised this fee was over ten years ago.

Commissioner Roger Marietta asked if they could get a few commissioners together, to form a committee, to go over the license fee (ordinance 13-116.) Marietta said this wouldn't necessarily be to restructure the ordinance but to sit down and talk about how they can make this change a smoother transition for business owners.

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