Business doubles at The Levee's new downtown location

The Levee says their new Downtown Albany location is bringing in nearly twice the foot traffic

The Levee, a music school and video production studio, says their business has nearly doubled since moving two weeks ago from Northwest Albany to Downtown Albany.

"It's great news from The Levee. I went down there to meet with them, I always check on our stores, and say how are things going, and he said 'Our business has doubled since we moved downtown,'" says Downtown Manager Aaron Blair.

The Levee says when they purchased their new downtown location, they bought it because of the great location the great price, but what they didn't expect is to get more kids in their business.

"We get such good traffic from people going to Turtle Park as well as the RiverQuarium, and obviously our music lessons are geared toward younger people," says CEO of The Levee Blake Cook.

With naysayers attesting that businesses in Downtown Albany won't survive, Blair says The Levee's success is testimony that proves the opposite.

"If you're a business and you know your clientele and you feel like you can be downtown, obviously you can be successful," says Blair. "We get a lot of people saying negative things about downtown, but on the flip side there's a lot of positive things going on and a lot of positive people helping us move in the right direction."

The Levee says their move was in the right direction for them as well.

"This actual space really accommodates our music school much better. We're able to work our video production and our music school out of this building. It's just the set up ending being better for us," says Cook.

Although their downtown location is smaller than their former Dawson Road location, with all of the new foot traffic, The Levee already has plans to expand.

"If it keeps growing like it is we'll def have to expand whether it's either expanding on this building or looking for new space around this area," says Cook.