Business bites back after burglary

Burglars break in through side window

Thieves broke into the office of J. Durham and Associates on Dawson Road and made off with thousands of dollars worth of computers and electronics.

"Burglaries in general are a problem. To say business burglaries that may not be quite accurate. We do have burglaries of businesses as well as residential but burglaries as a whole is a problem," said Kawaski Barnes with the Albany Police Department.

Now the employees at the office are putting their best foot forward in the investigation process and are offering a reward to anyone who may have information on the crime.

"This facility has been crime free for 20 plus years without going in to too much detail it's the same method of operation it's probably the same person and we will catch them. As a matter of fact, Mr.. Durham and I have decided to post a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible," said property owner Sam Shugart.

"As concerned citizens this has got to stop and there's got to be a way to assist the police. The citizens of the community have got to begin to assist to get these people caught," said Joe Durham, Owner of J. Durham and Associates.

The burglars used a side window to get inside the building. The business didn't have surveillance but they say they've beefed up security now that they've been hit three times in the last 45 days.

"It's the moral decline of the tenants I mean we want them to know that we're here for them and we're going to keep their facility safe, obviously it's not my fault but we still, this one incident we've put in some major preventative measures since this occurred and we're going to crack down on this," said Shugart.