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      Busiest time of the year for post office

      This week already there have been 600 million postcards stamped and sent off through the United States Postal Service, and that number will only increase as the week goes on.

      Those visiting the post office this afternoon were fully expecting to wait in line longer than normal. Vlori gaines said, well for one thing it TMs the holidays and everyone is trying to get off their presents before Christmas. Another resident, Dorothy Harvey said, It TMs one of the busiest days of mailing off packages and next week is Christmas.

      To make things move as quickly as possible Postmaster Ron Bradley said before you come into the post office, have your package prepared properly with the cushioning in it and tape on the outside and have a good clean address.

      Bradley says Monday is the absolute last time to mail something, and you TMll have to do so with Express Mail, in order to get it to it TMs destination in time for Christmas.

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