Burglary ring suspects caught with rings, skulls and a relic gun

A Lee County chase that ended up in Albany has led police to a group of suspects possibly involved in a burglary ring.

Dennis Pope, Sheila Burdette, and Rick Webb were arrested Thursday at the American Value Inn located in north Albany.

Pope was wanted for a burglary in Lee County.

When police caught up with the suspect and his alleged accomplices, they found thousands of dollars worth of items in their blue Honda Civic.

Police believe the car was used in a string of burglaries and entering autos that started back in July.

Hundreds of items were confiscated through warrants. These items include a .45-caliber 1911 model of a WWII Remington Rand handgun, a computer, power tools, lady's jewelry, video games and even several decorative skulls have been confiscated.

Police officials say the recoveries are from multiple jurisdictions including Lee County, Colquitt County, and Dougherty County.

Cops were also led to a storage unit where the suspects also kept hundreds of other possibly stolen items.

"There are some victims that are not aware that their storage unit was broken into, so we would like for them to come into the police department and take a look at the property that we've recovered," said Detective Nicovian Price, Albany Police Department.

Officials say they believe the suspects were selling the items at local flee markets to make a profit.

Other suspects are being investigated.

Officials are waiting to file charges after the investigation is complete.

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