Burglars take a gamble at Thrift Food Mart

Burglars use a tricycle and other objects to break into the Thrift Food Mart on Brierwood Drive

/ Colby Gallagher

Officers responded to the Thrift Food Mart on 2401 Brierwood Drive after the alarm was set off around 2:22 a.m.

Surveillance video shows two men using objects such as a tricycle to hit the window until they finally make entry into the store.

Once inside they stole around 50 cartons of cigarettes before heading for the office in hopes of a larger find.

"They broke my main door, they ran inside the office and in that process they broke the office door. They broke the cabinet door inside to see if there is some money," said owner Ketan Patel.

Instead they found six rolls of scratch-off lottery tickets totaling around $1,400.

Patel says the damages also total around $1,500 but says he's just glad that he wasn't there to be harmed in the process.