Burglars look to get off "The Hook"

"The Hook" 105.7 was broken into Monday. / Matt Prichard

A Tift County radio station has been knocked off the air after being burglarized overnight.

Employees of "The Hook" FM 105.7, got quite the shock Monday morning when their station vehicle was found in the middle of Dixie Road, with the engine on and doors open. Company general Manager, Eric Hatcher says it wasn't so much the robbery that shocked him, but the items the crooks chose to take.

"Just kind of astonished that the things that were taken, were the things that we really had to have to be on the air. Office computers, laptops, and our actual equipment we use to send the radio station signal back to the tower was also taken," said Hatcher.

If you have any information on the burglary, please contact the Tifton Police Department at (229)382-3132 or Tifton Crime Stoppers at (229)391-3991.

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