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      Burglar hits five businesses in Tifton

      Two weeks ago, Craig Davis walked into his business, Country Financial Insurance, to find it had been broken into.

      "We came in that morning and I saw that some glass had been broken into in one of the offices in the back there." Craig Davis said. "It looks like they didn't have the right tools so they decided to come back later."

      That prompted him to install an alarm. Then, a man burglarized several businesses across the street Saturday night.

      Tifton police believe the man started at the end and worked his way down the strip mall, hitting five stores.

      "There's a lot of people that are short and have a lot of problems but they don't need to be depriving other people," Tifton resident Steve Woodham said.

      Just after 2 a.m. Saturday, a Tifton police officer was sent to an alarm call at Luxury Nails on Magnolia Drive, according to the Tifton Gazette.

      A few minutes later, there was another alarm call at Ellie's Boutique just next door in the plaza. The man punched out locks at several businesses and stole money and cash drawers from the registers.

      Surveillance video from all of the stores shows what appears to be the same person entering the stores going for the cash registers.

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