Budget overview continues for Finance Committee

Members of the finance committee continue their review of the budget for 2013. / Matt Prichard

The Dougherty County Finance Committee met this morning to continue looking at their budget, and where it goes.

Representatives from the "Albany Area Community Service Board," approached the committee Monday to detail where their funding comes from, and how much of it from the county.

Chairman, Lamar Hudgins, says although only 1% of the board's budget comes from county funds, they've assisted the board in the past, and continue to assist them in different ways.

"We built the facility in 1994 through SPLOST II funds. We've maintained it, new roof, new equipment. It was just good to meet with them so we can understand what they do to provide for our community," said Hudgins.

The finance committee will continue these meetings for the next several months, detailing each area of the budget.

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