Broad Bridge peeks over Albany sky

Broad Avenue Bridge takes shape in Albany. / Jessica Fairley

It's been a year since demolition began on the Broad Avenue Bridge and now that the old structure is completely gone, you can finally see the new bridge taken form.

In order to get a timeline on when the bridge will be complete, FOX 31 reached out to PCL Construction and the Georgia Department of Transportation but hasn't received a reply.

Albany city engineers say they are working on getting an update on when the bridge will be complete.

The Broad Avenue Bridge was once the main artery for folks crossing the Flint River. When it was shut down there was a community outcry.

"A lot of people did not want to see that happen but because of different erosions and problems with the construction they had to go ahead and do what they had to do for safety," said LaNicia Hart, Owner of Expressations.

LaNicia Hart is one of the few remaining businesses on her strip. Once filled with shops, the slow flow of traffic forced many renters out.

"That traffic count, we have not had since I have been here because the bridge has been closed once that opens up the traffic count alone on broad is going to increase the visibility of the businesses," said Aaron Blair, Albany Downtown City Manager.

The Broad Avenue Bridge is far from complete but the structure is finally starting to take shape.

For businesses, the incomplete structure is a visual of what could breathe life into the dying heart of the city.