Bringing awareness to big rig safety

This past week the Georgia Department of Safety launched an initiative to inform drivers on the importance of tractor trailer safety.

Semi-trucks and tractor trailers were targeted this week to bring awareness to cars on the road.

Sergeant Shawn Urquhart, Post Commander of Georgia State Patrol Post 40, said "drivers that are either following too close, speeding , improper lane change or something of that nature and the same thing with automobiles."

One truck driver says with the weight and average speed of about 67 miles per hour, it takes about 280 feet for a tractor trailer to come to a complete stop.

Beam said, "some of these truckers ride peoples bumpers; some of the cars ride bumpers; I just don't get close."

Police say the main concerns are in Worth and Dougherty Counties after the area was targeted for the two fatalities involving semi-trucks in January.

Sgt. Urquhart says this initiative doesn't stop this week, Georgia State Patrol is always making an effort one area at a time to prevent these accidents from happening.