Bridging between the past and present

Broad Avenue Bridge is decommissioned. / Todd Bailey

The Broad Avenue Bridge decommission service took place Saturday morning and was hosted by the Southwest Georgia Veterans Coalition, the Georgia Department of Transportation and the City of Albany.

Over 90 years ago the bridge was dedicated to those who fought in World War I. The bridge is being brought down because it has deteriorated over the years.

"Really, it's a memorial to Frank Buckles and all of those World War I Veterans from this area." Frank Buckle was the last WWI Veterans who died in February of 2011. The bridge is reminder to those who have served and being honored.

The Southwest Georgia Coalition is looking forward to the future of the new bridge.

"They are going to be tearing it down, rebuilding it, put the old WWI plaques up and rededicate it also to those who have served also since WWI," said Paul Murray, Chairman, Southwest Georgia Veterans Coalition.

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