Bridge blamed for twelve Turner County tractor trailer accidents

Photo Credit: Kerri Copello

One Turner County overpass is being blamed for twelve tractor trailer accidents over the past thirteen months.

Officials say there is currently a dip in the road at the Northbound Exit 84 overpass and if a tractor trailer or a motorhome is traveling in the right lane, the top of the vehicle can potentially hit the bridge pillar and be pulled in causing the vehicle to wreck.

The pillar stands several feet off of the white line but drivers still need to pay attention when in the area.

Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester says "until it gets fixed, we just want motorists to be careful when they come through the area because of that potential of a truck having an accident and gettign tangled up in it so just be careful."

The Department of Transportation is currently aware of the problems seen with this bridge and was out last week making measurements to start making corrections.