Brick City hearing set for Friday

Accounts from the Albany Drug Unit list alcohol, drugs and guns found at 1708 Schilling Avenue

Since February 2008, officers and Code Enforcement have found drugs, alcohol and guns at 1708 Schilling Avenue, also known as Brick City.

Last Sunday, a teenager was shot and killed there, prompting an uproar from local residents and causing the city commission to take action. The facts fill three pages of accounts from the Albany Drug Unit and Code Enforcement, which list five shooting incidents, one resulting in a murder, and several times when officers found drugs and alcohol at the location even though the business does not have a liquor license. The owner, Molly Loving is reported as denying there was ever any liquor on the premises. The public hearing will be held in room 120 of the Government Center, 9:00 a.m. Friday morning. City attorney Nathan Davis says those testifying against Brick City include Code Enforcement officers and local law enforcement. We tried to get in touch with the owner, but she was not home when we went by and she hasn't returned our phone calls.

Jim Finkelstein is her attorney, but he says he has not been formally retained for this case.