Breast Cancer death rate highest among this group

Breast cancer numbers highest among one ethnic group. / Jessica Fairley

A new study from Harvard revealed a staggering number of deaths among African Americans struck with breast cancer.

According to the study African American women are 50 percent more likely to pass away from breast cancer.

Dr. Jacqueline grant, with the Southwest Georgia Public Health District, says this is likely caused by a number of reasons.

"Some of it may be due to delayed diagnosis. It may be due to the grade of the tumor. A lot of cancers in black women they're not responsive to hormone therapy," said Dr. Jacqueline Grant.

She also says the high mortality rate could also be affected by other illnesses in the body.

To increase chances of survival women are advised to modify their diet and exercise habits and have routine breast exams.

"Of course it's very important to know your own body and see if there are any physical changes but it's very important that women still go to the doctor and get those recommended screenings such as clinical breast exams or mammograms," said Kimberly Scott, Cancer Coalition Health Education Coordinator.

These professional tests are set up to catch cancer early. Officials say although African American women have a high mortality rate with breast cancer, taking these steps can increase a patient's chance of survival.

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