Breaking down an AAV

Photo Credit: Romney Smith

After the limited technical inspection, the next step to refurbishing an assault amphibious vehicle is disassembly. Heavy Equipment Mechanical Supervisor Arthur Wright says it takes multiple teams to help complete the process. "What we'll do, we'll identify all the parts that need to come off and we'll tear the vehicle down within three days" says Wright.

During disassembly Work Leader Robert Evans says civilian employees remove every item from the AAV with precision. "Everything is tagged with job numbers onto each component that come out the vehicle" says Evans. While tearing the vehicle down, civilian marines try not to ruin anything because they may need to reuse some parts. "A lot of the vendors that built that vehicle are not in existence any more so we have to refurbish or recoup these parts instead of destroying them" says Wright.

It takes multiple teams working on an AAV to complete the non destructive disassembly process. "We see the overhead crane, that's a team. We got quality control, that's a team, and plus the artisans and mechanics they pitch in after everything is done to complete the task on time. It's a shared effort" says Wright.