Break-in thieves caught with guns, money, ipad

Item recovered from car break-in thieves. / Jessica Fairley

A neighborhood is breathing a sigh of relief after two criminals accused in a string of car break-ins are caught.

The crime spree which spanned over the last few months came to halt after an investigation by the Albany Police Department.

After 16 car break-ins in the Doublegate community in Dougherty County and three car break-ins in Lee County, officials began to track down the thieves, who they suspected were working together.

Surveillance video and other sources led them in the direction of Eric Jackson, 37, and Lashonda Mims, 24.

"I'm very pleased that the cops have been very diligent in looking until they caught them," said Doublegate resident Marilyn Belcher.

Not only had the two taken merchandise from cars but they were also using the victims charge cards.

They had been using those credit cards to go and buy thousands of dollars worth of items. In this case we're talking about over 10 thousand dollars worth of merchandise," said Albany Police Detective Timothy Harvey.

He says and all of the items charged are now a loss to credit card companies.

In many of the cases the crooks didn't have to work hard because a good number of the cars were unlocked.

When apprehended the suspects were caught with evidence ranging from iPads to guns and hundreds in counterfeit money.

Many of the stolen items are being returned to the owners but officials say it's better to take precaution beforehand.

"Don't leave stuff in your car. I know you feel safe at home but anything can happen," said Timothy Harvey.

The suspects are now facing federal charges for the counterfeit currency and authorities are tracking down more suspects in connection to this case.

Anyone with information is asked to contact law enforcement.