Bread House helps women in recovery

The Bread House is located at 1902 Dawson Road

You may have driven past the bread house on Dawson Road, but you probably didn't realize one its main purposes isn't to sell bread, but to help women in recovery.

Most businesses provide a service or product for a profit, but The Bread House wants to turn a big profit in order to help fund Grace Way, a long term non-profit recovery center for female alcoholics and drug abusers.

The Bread House trains women from Grace Way to be responsible, punctual, and gives them experience in customer service, marketing, and more. Women have the option to work at The Bread House after they have reached a certain point in their recovery journey. The job enables the participant to begin rebuilding her work history and get hands-on training she can use upon completion of the program.

Grace Way's main focus is to teach the women about the tools of recovery. They utilize a 12-step methodology and they mix in faith as a major part of the program. All of the life skills residents learn at Grace Way are reinforced while working at The Bread House.

Women FOX 31 News spoke with at The Bread House say the Grace Way program combined with the opportunity to ease back into the real world through working at The Bread House is a blessing.

The Bread House is located at 1902 Dawson Road.