Brawl erupts at Monroe High School

A brawl that occurred Monday at Monroe ends with 11 students in jail and their educational futures at the mercy of a school tribunal. / Jessica Fairley

A group of Monroe Comprehensive High School students are suspended after participating in a violent and massive fight.

Monday afternoon on-site Dougherty County School Police calmed a fight at the high school located at 900 Lippitt Drive.

"We don't tolerate fighting on our campus. Our school police is always there to break those type of things up and we do charge students to the full extent that we're allowed to," said Dougherty County School System Public Information Officer R.D. Harter.

Eleven students ranging from ages 15 to 17 were taken into custody.

Five 17-year-olds were placed in the Dougherty County Jail while others were sent to the Albany Regional Youth Detention Center.

In addition to being suspended for 10 days, the youths are facing charges spanning from disruption of school to assault.

A detective for the Dougherty County School Police is reviewing witness statements and looking over other evidence to determine a cause for the fight.

Officials say at this point they don't believe the brawl was gang related, but they'll have to await investigation results to know for sure.

Before the students are allowed to re-enter school they will have to face a school tribunal.
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