Branching out into the community

With Arbor Day approaching we want to give back to the community. Trees serve as a very valuable and renewable resource that we use on a daily basis. This is how we're giving back to our community. With millions of trees planted annually on Arbor Day, it all starts with a hole, a hole like one that I am standing in now right now, and the whole community. By you coming out and taking part, we are giving back to our environment and helps keep our community, and where we call home a better place.

Members of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful and volunteers from the community are going to plant nine trees and twenty-four shrubs, along with spreading mulch in an island in the 400 block of Westover.

Judy Bowles, executive director of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful, is welcoming all volunteers, and will be in the 400 block of Westover at 9:30 A.M. on Saturday, the 18th. Bring your gloves and work clothes and be ready to go to work. The more volunteers there are, the faster you go, and the more buy in and the more pride our citizens have for taking part in making their community a better looking place.

With Arbor Day quickly approaching what are you doing to protect the community?

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