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      Bracing yourself for the cold weather

      Be prepared, develop a plan, and stay informed. That's what officials with the Albany Dougherty EMA say you need to do when preparing for the colder weather.

      Jim Vaught, Deputy Director with the EMA says the first thing you should do is prepare a kit that's stocked with blankets and cold weather clothing.

      Second, come up with a plan just in case a bad storm comes and you and your family get separated.

      Finally, know what's going on. Have things like a weather radio and a way to keep in touch with the outside.

      "You can be out on the road during icy conditions and you come across black ice and you wind up having a car wreck, that's why we want people to be prepared, to plan, and stay informed," says Vaught.

      For more information on safety tips, go to their website,

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