Book closes on Guy Craft

The letter in it's entirety as sent by Guy Craft. / Guy Craft

According to our media partner, The Albany Herald, Chairman of the Board of the Dougherty County Public Library System, Guy Craft has resigned effective today.

Dougherty County Commission Chairman, Jeff Sinyard reportedly received the letter this morning.

Questions had been raised in the last several weeks about two of the library system's four branches closing over the last several months. Commissioners said they had no knowledge of the closures and are planning to put a commissioner on the library board to make sure that lack of communication doesn't happen again.

The full letter issued by Craft is found below:

To The Honorable Jeff Sinyard County Commission Chairman
This letter comes to you as my resignation from the Chairman of The Board of The Dougherty County Public Library System and the Board itself. It is with the deepest regret that I submit this letter and it has been my pleasure to serve this community on the Library Board I wish the best the library and the community. This resignation is effective immediately.

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