Book a 'staycation' this summer

You can go down to the Albany CVB for more information

As you finish up traveling this holiday weekend, local tourism groups want you thinking about your next vacationâ"in Albany.

Many of you are traveling this weekend, but J.R. Grier is staying put.

"The gas and stuff is so expensive and stuff like that. The economy is in too bad of shape," Grier said.

Susan Melton, of Albany, says she usually travels to St. Simon's and Orlando.

"Sometimes you go two, three, $400. Something I don't have."

Jimmy Robinson frequently visits his son in Miami.

"It's getting pretty expensive," said Robinson.

As travel gets more and more expensive, the Albany Convention and Visitor's Bureau is stepping in.

"This is the third year the Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau is offering a 'staycation,'" said CVB Sales Director Liz Gray.

Gray says they'll start offering "staycation" packages June 3rd through Labor Day weekend. A family of four will get to stay at a participating Albany hotel and get tickets to the Flint RiverQuarium, Chehaw, the Albany Civil Rights Museum, the Albany Museum of Art, and the Thronateeska Heritage Center. Depending on the hotel you pick, the whole package costs about $150.

"We just want people to hear about it and come out and participate. I mean, it's just a wonderfulâ"even if you live in Albanyâ"it's a wonderful opportunity to take your kids on a mini-vacation right here in your own city or southwest Georgia," said Gray.

Call 229-317-4760 to find out more about "staycation" packages in Albany.

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