Bonnie's Boutique robbers made mad dash with cash

Bonnie's Boutique sits inside a strip mall just off of Route 19 South where hundreds of cars pass every day. / Colby Gallagher

It started like any other potential sale: three people - two black males and a black female - entered Bonnie's Boutique on Route 19 South. One of the men asked owner, Delvin Bridges, to get a shoe from the back room and then things took an illegal turn.

"While he went back there looking for the shoes and was looking at the shoes, one of the black males went behind the counter and removed some undisclosed amount of money at this time," said Lee County Sheriff, Reggie Rachals.

Delvin's wife, Bonnie, rushed to the store glad that he wasn't hurt during the robbery but says her family is definitely feeling some pain.

"It feels terrible, it feels very terrible. We are a privately owned business so there's nobody else in with us and it feels horrible. It feels very unsafe," said Bonnie.

The trio fled the store so quickly, officials say they were almost struck while leaving the parking lot by a dark car and they're asking that driver for help.

"If that person that's driving that car sees this, we'd like for them to come forward and let us know if they can describe anything about the vehicle or anything else within the vehicle," said Sheriff Rachals.

Sheriff Rachals says the robbers turned left out of the parking lot towards Albany, and while he thinks this is an unusual place for a robbery, the owners have a different idea.

"That way they could've gotten out, blended into the traffic very easily, and nobody wouldn't ever know what they've done," said Bonnie.

As the Sheriff's Office works to find the robbers, Bonnie and her husband will continue to serve their customers with the same service they have always given but say there will be the unwelcome feeling of fear.

"It makes you scared now that anybody that might possibly walk in the front door, you don't know what to expect from them," said Bonnie.

If you have any information on this case, contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 229-759-6012.

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