Bondsmen become suspects in shooting

Ambulance at the scene of a shooting on Zachery Avenue. / Andrew Everett

After trying to apprehend a 19-year-old male for breaking the terms of his bond, two bail bondsmen are now asking for bond.

When bondsmen Steve McGowan, 45, and Billy Moore, 63, set out to locate and apprehend Ronntario Thompson, 19, they had no idea they would be the ones in handcuffs by the end of the day.

"He had violated the terms of his bond apparently by leaving Lee County and they had come down to take him back," say Mark Scott, Albany Police Deputy Chief Investigator.

When the two caught up with Thompson at a park, he escaped. Officials say the man had attempted to hit the bondsmen with a car.

When they caught up with him later at a home on Zachery Avenue, he attempted to get away but was stopped by a bullet.

"Each of the two suspects fired at least once. It's still under investigation," says Mark Scott.

McGowan and Moore had sought to bring Thompson to justice but they're now seeking clemency for themselves, facing charges for aggravated assault and reckless conduct.

"They would be subject to any civil or possible criminal remedies that would be applicable to the situation," says Greg Edwards, District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Edwards says being a bondsman does not give one a free pass to shoot.

The victim was shot in the back of the leg as he was running away from the suspects, posing no threat to their lives.

"Pretty much the only time that you can use deadly force is if someone is threatening it or using it against you and that wasn't the case here," says investigator Mark Scott.

Information on whether or not Steve McGowan and Billy Moore have received bond has not been released.

Thompson is facing no charges in this case.

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