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      Bonding time for baby and mom

      Those who work in Labor and Delivery at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital are encouraging a new form of bonding between a mother and child when a baby is born.

      They're calling it skin-to-skin or heart-to-heart bonding. They're asking that once a baby is born, the baby is put directly on the mother's chest and then wrapped in blankets and kept there for an hour after the birth.

      Nina Hancock, director of obstetrics at Phoebe, mentioned that in the case of the mother having to get a C-section, they're asking the father to take over the skin-to-skin bonding.

      Hancock also said, "By incorporating skin-to-skin contact into the baby's first minutes, the baby's vital signs are often better stabilized during its adjustment to life outside. Their temperature normalizes more quickly, they are not as stressed, and the child TMs blood sugar regulates. It is also a crucial time to facilitate the natural process of breast feeding for those mothers who have chosen to do so.

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