Bold neighbors stop criminal activity

Neighborhood bands together in fight against crime. / Jessica Fairley

Only four months after initiating a neighborhood watch, Cordele officials say numbers show crimes are down in the Northern Heights community.

"From the very first month that we did it there was high number of thefts and burglaries in that area and the very next time we did it crime had reduced," said Sgt. Jeremy Taylor, Cordele Police Department.

Anyone can go onto and view the data. It shows that only one burglary occurred within the past month. Officials say that's quite a significant change since the neighborhood started watching what goes on in the area.

"We teach the citizens what to look for, to give better description to the 911 operators, not to be afraid to give their name to the 911 operators because it helps us do our job," said Sgt. Taylor.

Residents who live in the community say they've taken these tips seriously.

"We've gotten a little bit bolder about stopping people and calling 911 and telling them to send an officer out here," said Cathy Womack.

Police have also increased the number of officers on patrol in the Northern Heights neighborhood.

Although there's been a drop in crimes, officials say it's up to residents to keep the trend going by participating in the neighborhood watch until the crimes have not only decreased but until there aren't any to report.

Cordele police say now that they see how effective a neighborhood watch can be, they want other areas of the city to join in the fight to curb crime.

"We want to bring new people in and you know we would like neighborhood watches throughout the city. It makes our job a lot easier as well because obviously it produces results, which it did," said Sgt. Jeremy Taylor.

The next Northern Heights Neighborhood Watch meeting will be held on August 15th, 2013.

All residents are encouraged to attend.

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