Boating under the influence is a serious matter

DNR Officers patrol the local waterways / Sean Streicher

This Fourth of July a lot of people chose to spend their holiday on the water.

The task of patrolling the waterways is left to the Department of Natural Resources law enforcement officers like Cpl. Scott Carroll, "a lot of things we're looking for is of course any kind of safety vioations or safety boating equipment that is required onboard by the coast guard and by the state."

Alcohol is also a concern since there is in Georgia no open container law for boats, but Carroll says that doesn't mean there aren't laws regarding alcohol, "if our officer finds that you are outside the legal limit or outside the safe operation conditions to safely navigate that vessel your going to be arrested."

Boaters be warned, if you're caught operating your vessel under the influence you may just lose your boating privileges for up to one year.

Carroll also adds that the mixture of alcohol and the fatigue, brought on by boating, can be a recipe for disaster.