Board postpones Murfree's contract meeting

The board postponed the meeting because two members had deaths in the family

The Dougherty County Board of Education has postponed a meeting to discuss a proposed contract from superintendent-elect Dr. Joshua Murfree. The meeting would've started the last step in making Murfree's employment as superintendent official.

The board postponed today's meeting because two board members had deaths in the family â" but when they do start negotiations with Murfree they'll be going off a contract that Murfree and his lawyer got to come up with themselves.

Board Chair David Maschke says Murfree asked to ink his own deal because he didn't trust the board to do it.

"The board has certainly had some issues recently with trust and open honest exchange," Maschke said. "I think there was concern from some corners that maybe the contract, if written by the school board attorney, would not be reasonable or fair."

Maschke says they gave Murfree copies of previous contracts, including current superintendent Dr. Sally Whatley's $173,000 contract.

Both Whatley and her predecessor, Dr. John Culbreath, did not write their own contracts.