Board of Regents: Background checks weren't policy prior to 9/07

Board of Regents say state and federal background checks weren't policy until 9/07

On Wednesday, FOX 31 News aired an exclusive report about Albany State University associate professor Dr. Philip Jemilohun having two previous convictions prior to his arrest this week for sexual assault.

The Georgia Board of Regents says that prior to September 17, 2007 it was up to each institution within the network to perform background checks on possible hires. Jemilohun, who was convicted of solicitation of sodomy and sexual battery prior to working at ASU, was hired in August 2007. Albany State officials told FOX 31 News that they ran a background check on Jemilohun in the state of Georgia and a Social Security number check prior to his employment but discovered no irregularities.

Jemilohun was considered a first offender for his solicitation conviction.

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