Board of Education puts pencils down on millage rate

Meetings throughout Lee County Thursday solidify milage rate for fiscal year. / Matt Prichard

The Lee County Board of Education put their pencils down Thursday after finalizing their millage rate numbers for the upcoming year. And Superintendent Dr. Lawrence T. Walters says it wasn't an easy process.

"We try to keep it as low as possible, but we also have to meet the needs of our school system, and it's been really tough the last several years," said Dr. Walters.

Despite those challenges, the board has successfully held their millage rate the same for the last four years.

"We've tried to be as bare bones as we could and still offer a quality product, and some of the projects that we would've wanted to undertake we've just not been able to, to try and hold the cost, the expenses to as low as possible," said Dr. Walters.

And with the board of education's numbers firmly in hand, the Lee County Bard of Commissioners were able to finalize their millage rate on Thursday.

"Once the school board does theirs, then it's incumbent upon us to do ours, so we have a complete county levy," said Lee County Commissioner, Rick Muggridge.

Muggridge says he knows how tough it is for the school board to turn away projects that could benefit students, but applauds them for it all the same.

"County employees have reacted very; very well, I give them all the credit. They have tightened their belt; they have cut where they can cut. I can think of a hundred instances where our employees have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make the budget work," said Muggridge.

The Board of Commissioners has held their budget to 12.76 for the last seven years, which Muggridge says is a testament to the county's citizens, and employees.

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