Board meeting receives artistic touch

The board will meet again in June to make solidified decisions on these issues.

/ Matt Prichard

The Board of Education for Dougherty County met Wednesday to discuss pending issues for the 2012-2013 school year.

With school having just let out for summer, citizens are still concerned with the school system and how their children will be taught in the coming years. Albany resident Nancy Presley voiced her concerns on the possibility of arts and foreign languages being cut from several local schools.

"I had heard that the program was possibly on the chopping block because of budgetary issues, and I was very concerned. I want people to understand what it took to put that program into place."

Presley took the podium Wednesday looking to sway the minds of the panel, but was surprised to find that her concerns were not necessary. The Board stated that it has no plans to cut the art and foreign language departments, at least not in the near future.

"A new budget can always be misunderstood, the arts and foreign language departments in our school are extremely important to us." Said Superintendent, Dr. Joshua Murfree.

Other issues included the movement of the gifted students program. With 42 crimes taking place within 1,000 feet of the building, citizens are questioning whether this is a safe environment for the children.

"Well it's a concern where we have crimes, whether it's one here, or 42 there, and after hearing the presentation, we want people to know that we are concerned with every child, all 16,033 students we have in this district. Regardless of where they are." Said Murfree

The board will meet again in June to make solidified decisions on these issues.