Blue Ribbon team visits despite controversy

The team will put a presentation up on the Department of Education's website

A National Blue Ribbon research team visited a Dougherty County elementary school to document its success. The visit comes as questions surround the school's CRCT scores.

Two researchers captured the sights and sounds of National Blue Ribbon School Alice Coachman Elementary Monday. The presentation will go on the Department of Education's website to highlight the high-poverty, but high-achieving school. However, a state report says there were unusual erasure marks on CRCT tests in first and second grade classrooms at Alice Coachman Elementary. An issue the researchers say they're aware of, but find hard to believe.

"I'd find it extremely difficult to believe that the solid teaching that we've seen in the classroom is not reflective of the scores those kids are getting," said Blue Ribbon Researcher Joseph Trunk.

The school system is investigating CRCT scores at eight schools.

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