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      Blue House Demolition starts

      Contractors began demolition on the dilapidated and unoccupied blue homes located in the corner of West Residence Avenue and Madison Street Friday.The city of Albany is deconstructing the structures under the agreement of reimbursement from the Albany Housing Authority.City officials say this is their largest demolition project since bringing down the Heritage House.

      The structures where occupied up until last October when the eviction process began. For many who passed through the McIntosh community the homes served as an eyesore.

      We see buildings that people have identified as a sign of poverty. Everybody sees it as they are coming downtown and now that it's going down, they'll see it as a first sign that we're serious about making some improvements in this neighborhood, said Dan McCarthy, Albany Housing Authority Director.

      Once all the homes are flattened, the land will be used as the site for new multi family mixed income housing. This will be the first phase for relocation of McIntosh Golden Age residents.

      We want to get something built and have a place for people to potentially move once we start relocating from McIntosh Golden Age so that we can ultimately do the demolition on that side, said McCarthy.

      The executive director of the Albany Housing Authority says the relocation process may take some time but the demolition of the blue homes should be complete by the end of the month.

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