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      Blood donations turn cold in the heat of summer

      The American Red Cross is urging you to give blood, especially during the summer months.

      The Red Cross says even though they've had thousands of donations, there still remains an urgent need for platelet donors, as well as donors with types o-negative, b-negative and a-negative blood.

      The Red Cross issued an emergency call for blood donations on July 9th after seeing about 50,000 fewer blood and platelet donations than expected in June.

      Right now blood products are being distributed to area hospitals almost as quickly as donations are coming in.

      Kristen Stancil with them American Red Cross says, "it's always important for people to remember that there are a lot of hospital patients that rely on the generosity of volunteer donors so we're asking all eligible blood and platelet donors to roll up a sleeve and help those in need. it takes only a little over an honor to give a blood donation can help save up to three lives."

      If you want to know how to donate blood, call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit

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