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      Blood donation hits close to home for Phoebe employee

      Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is hosting a blood drive this week and for one of the employees at the hospital, the topic hits close to home.

      Just a few months ago, Phoebe's Vice President of oncology services Linda Van Der Merwe's husband had an unexpected medical issue and had to undergo surgery; something that was crucial for him was getting blood and plasma.

      Van Der Merwe said before this, she had never really thought about giving blood. She knew it was important to do, but she didn't know just how important.

      She says after going through what she did, she is a huge advocate for giving blood and during the summer there is typically an increase in need and a decrease in donations.

      Van Der Merwe encourages everyone to come out if they can and give blood; she's already made an appointment to do so herself.

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