Blogger purchases local newspaper

Albany Blogger Tom Knighton -- also a contributing writer for The Albany Journal -- bought the newspaper / Sarah Bleau

It's a sign of the times and the one of the first of its time.

A blogger bought a newspaper.

"Laws and Sausages" Blogger Tom Knighton bought local newspaper The Albany Journal.

"When I got the email saying it was for sale it was a no brainer for me," says Knighton. "When I grew up, my mom was a journalist. I grew up watching movies like 'All of the President's Men.'"

While working on his blog, Knighton later began the corporation Knighton Media, Inc. and decided to use his blogging knowledge to help the newspaper business.

Previous owner of The Journal Kevin Hogencamp says, "I am grateful to the wonderful people in this community for their incredible support and encouragement over the years. My family is truly blessed. Community journalism is vitally important in a democracy and I am hopeful for Albany's sake that the Journal's best work is yet to be done. I am confident that Tom Knighton and his family will do a fabulous job as the newspaper enters a new era."

Bringing the paper into a new era is what Knighton has planned.

"Having coming from the new media, I understand a little bit more about how that new media functions and can possibly shape the Albany Journal's new media presence," says Knighton.

He says it will not be the first time blogs and newspapers have collaborated.

"A lot of people have always looked blogs versus newspapers, and that I don't think been accurate. bloggers rely on newspapers probably more than news readers do. Most of our information we get from newspapers and from news websites," says Knighton.

Now that a blogger bought a newspaper, what will happen to the print version? Will it all go online like people predicted would happen to print media?

"Absolutely not," says Knighton. "Too many people like having that hard copy newspaper in their hands; that's a very tactile thing. Now I do intend to increase the internet presence and I'm even looking at possibly publishing on the Amazon Kindle."

Along with keeping the print version of The Albany Journal, Knighton says no immediate drastic changes will come to the paper or its investigative reporting.

"I was raised with the understanding that if it 'ain't broke don't fix it'; so for right now I'm not finding anything that's broke. When I find something broken, we'll fix it and move on," says Knighton. "As for the future, will here be changes? Absolutely. Will the journal ten years from now look like the journal today? Absolutely not. But that's inevitable."

Knighton says Hogencamp sold the newspaper after Hogencamp and his family decided to move. Knighton says Hogencamp will continue providing guidance and possibly some articles.