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      Blind see higher education on the horizon

      Visually impaired students spent Thursday morning at Albany Technical College discovering the higher education opportunities available to them.

      Although each student battles their disability, special needs coordinator Regina Watts, says these students can do anything with the proper learning equipment.

      The Special Needs Program is honored to highlight the various software applications, as well as services available that will level the playing field for these students should they choose to attend Albany Tech, saidRegina Watts, Special Needs Coordinator at Albany Tech.

      One student said despite her ups and downs, she is confident that nothing can stop her from achieving her educational goals.

      "There's days where you don't really want to go to class, or you're just tired or something. But I think my education has been a lot better since I went there, because I've been more accommodated and been able to do things more independently," said visually impaired student, Jane Keller.

      Regardless of these challenges, Keller, and other students like her continue to thrive, due in part to the ever-growing program at Albany Technical College.