Black Friday buyers shop around for deals

CJ Oliver and his family leave the Albany Mall. / Jessica Fairley

Black Friday shopping may have started on Thursday night but that didn't keep the shoppers from hitting the stores Friday afternoon.

Black Friday is deemed the day for deals and many shoppers say that's what they found.

"I purchased this hat that I'm wearing and they had two for $20, a brown and black hat," said C.J. Oliver.

C.J. Oliver and his family started early at Wal-Mart grabbing for discounts on big screen TV's.

"I have big screen TV's in different rooms in the house but when it's under $400 you have to jump on it," said Oliver.

Others out in the stores with him felt the same.

"The electronics are selling big; the iPads and laptops. I know there was a laptop for $179 my mom wanted me to get," said Reginald Harvey.

While Reginald Harvey was looking for deals on electronics, others were on the hunt for the latest trends.

"I got these boots from Payless. They're long and black and leather and I'm going to get me some more pants and shirts," said Yesenia Crowder.

Clothing and electronics were hot items for some, but there were a few looking for household items.

Many people were out window shopping.

"I've been out looking trying to get some stuff for family and some close friends," said Reginald Harvey.

That was the goal for most shoppers; find a gift for someone else while catching the deals on what they really wanted for themselves.