Black Friday also a busy day for police

We all know that Black Friday is a busy day for retailers, but those big crowds also mean a busy day for police.

"We have a detail going around at the mall and some of the local business. So we are trying to make sure that the businesses are fully secured today," said Albany police officer Gregory Batson.

"I think security is good this year. I've seen a lot of police out and stuff," said Kimberly Parks who came shopping.

Albany police say things went off without major incident.

"Hopefully our presence will deter a lot of things, that's what we are trying to do," said Batson

But of course police can't be everywhere so they want to make sure people don't allow themselves to become a victim. Like packing plastic instead of cash.

"If somebody steals your credit card or debit card, that can easily be traced, cut off or the bank can stop it, but cash unfortunately is a lot more difficult to stop," said Batson.

But most people out say they're 'experienced shoppers,' and weren't too concerned about would be criminals.

"Everything is in the trunk and when I leave a store I put the stuff in the trunk before I go to the next store because I don't want anyone to see. I'm just cautious; you've got to be cautious," said MaryDeb Bleau.

"I've never had a problem out here and I've shopped a number of years. And we have never had any problems," said Marie Henry.

"If I were out at three o'clock in the morning, I might have been concerned, but when we got out it was almost daylight, so we were fine," said Donna Cohen.

After all the crowded stores and waiting in line, was Black Friday worth it? That's our Facebook Story of the Day.

We asked some shoppers and it seems like it depends on what you were looking for.

"I haven't found any incredible deals but it's just fun to be together with family and like i said it's a tradition so whether it's a deal or not, we're out," said Cohen.

"It's cheaper and it's kind of exciting," said Jarquavias Ware.

"It's my first year ever doing Black Friday and the way people act like it's the best sale ever, but it's really not to me I guess," said Parks.