Bishop's office protested again

Protestors want representation

Many Americans took part in a national effort today called "Operation: House Call."

The effort was used to oppose House representative's position on the passing of a new health bill. Protestors rallied at noon today for many different reasons - all surrounding health care reform. Majority leaders predict that the house will pass historic health care overhaul legislation Saturday, extending coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans and ban insurance companies from turning people away. Citizens hand delivered letters of concern to Congressman Sanford Bishop's office in opposition of the bill and have said they feel those concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

"The way that the country is structured the voice of the people should trump the voice of Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama or anybody else," said Bill Waller.

"We just want to be heard and we want our concerns heard and we want them to start representing us," said Mike Sabot.

And the health care debate is not just going on in Washington, but in the streets of small towns everywhere. Three Albany police officers were stationed outside Congressman Bishop's office to make sure nothing got out of control because the protestors were met with some opposition.

"The democrats are trying to directly raise your taxes with public option and the republicans are trying to force employers to offer insurance - again force employers, which is thereby gonna raise the price of everything which may as well be a tax increase," said Jeff Sexton.

"We don't think the American public should be offered anything less than what congress has and this rich nation that we live in there are an awful lot of folks without health care," said Hugh Phillips.

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