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      Birds of prey bring community awareness

      The Annual Birds of Prey Wildlife Demonstration is sponsored by the Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District. / Sean Streicher

      The Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District's Annual Bird of Prey Wildlife Demonstration made a few stops at local schools Wednesday.

      Georgia Southern's Center for Wildlife Education will be putting the demonstration on at six schools around southern Georgia.

      Wednesday morning they were at Westwood School in Camilla talking to student about environmental issues and giving them an up close and personal look at some pretty interesting birds.

      "By using the real thing, we allow that intimate moment, bringing man and nature together by holding snakes, by flying birds over their head, so it does get a little bit chaotic and fun, but it touches the emotion," said Steven Hein, the Director of Georgia Southern's Center for Wildlife Education

      One of the birds students got to meet was Freedom, one of five bald eagles in the country that is allowed to free fly.

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