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      Bill would mandate video cameras In school buses

      Legislation introduced in the Georgia House would mandate that all school buses be equipped with video cameras so that drivers can monitor student passengers.

      The bill from state Rep. Jay Neal, a Republican from LaFayette, would require that all buses purchased on or after Jan. 1, 2012 which are used to transport children must be equipped with a video camera.

      Cameras on the buses does several things; It helps you detect if there are problems with the students on the bus. It also will confirm for the administration if there is a problem on the bus, said Neal.

      By July 1, 2014, all such buses must have cameras aboard, under the bill.

      The legislation did not address the costs involved with the proposed new mandate.

      Ultimately the cost when you factor in some value that you get in not spending as much time with discipline issues because the student behavior is a little bit better. Over time those cameras might save you as much as they cost, said Neal.