Bikers show their soft side by giving back

Hundreds of bikers revved their engines for a good cause on Sunday during the 29th Annual Remaining Few Bike Run / Colby Gallagher

Hundreds of bikers revved their engines for a good cause on Sunday during the 29th Annual Remaining Few Bike Run, an event that raises toys, money and more for the Salvation Army and Toys for Tots program.

The collection truck was piled high with items that will go towards Toys for Tots, a much-needed boost that organizers say will help them reach their goal of 15,000 toys.

"It takes us to almost there, but we're confident we'll definitely be there now at our goal, probably exceed our goal," said Gunnery Sergeant Kenneth Starkey.

Bikers say the best part about this event is everything they collect stays right here in our community.

"As you know, this community is in great need. This community has been in need so it just does us some good to know that we can give here and that all these people can come out and give toys for children here that will have something for Christmas," said Teresa McKinley.

Those who participated say seeing how much the event means for the community is enough to break even the toughest biker.

"Big, ugly guys like me will sometimes get a tear in their eye. K-Mart's awesome, when we put it all together and it all comes together and you see these needy families, it's awesome to be able to do something to help someone out," said Scott Bridwell.

What started out as fewer than two dozen bikes has grown exponentially over the past 29 years. Darrell Blakey says he's participated in all 29 bike runs and the event only continues to grow.

The bikers continued giving even after their ride was done by giving back to three families that suffered tragedies this past year.

The Walker family -- whose house and everything in it was taken during a fire in late November -- was one of those recipients and they say they appreciate how the community came together to give back.

"I can't even describe it. To know that people are thinking of us like that is just amazing. We're very grateful to everybody that's helped us, very grateful," said Troy Walker.

Walker says the help from groups like the Remaining Few has been an overwhelming, humbling experience for his family.